It's Pool Season in Marrakech! 
July and August are at the height of European and American tourist season which happens to coincide with pool season in Marrakech! With average temperatures in the 30's, a swimming pool becomes more than a luxury, it becomes a necessity! At Hotel Al Fassia we are lucky enough to have a large swimming pool set in a open but intimate part of the hotel; here you can bask in the glorious Marrakech sun while sipping on a refreshing cocktail or two. Don't be fooled by a lot of other hotels and riads in Marrakech who claim to have pools, sadly, these tend to be little more than ornamental plunge pools. 
After spending an afternoon chilling out by our pool, why not check out some of the events happening in Marrakech this July and August. 
July 2017 Events Marrakech 
Marrakesh Popular Arts Festival – held throughout July all over the city (although main performances take place in the Ochre City’s main town square and Badi Palace), this exotic event celebrates traditional Moroccan arts including performances by actors, dancers and fire-eaters, musicians, singers, snake charmers and more. 
Montreux Jazz Festival Morocco – featuring concerts, workshops and more, this festival is scheduled to take place from June 30th to mid July. Most activities take place at the Bahia Palace and Ménara Gardens. 
The Feast of the Throne – celebrating King Mohammed VI’s accession to the throne (30th July 1999) the event consists of parades and a firework display. 
August 2017 Events Marrakech 
Moroccan Youth Festival - Coinciding with King Mohammed VI’s birthday, this nationwide festival on 21st August celebrates and honours the youth of Morocco. 
Ilmilchil Marriage Festival – Held in a village in the Atlas Mountains that surround Marrakech, this ‘marriage’ festival is celebrated with music, dancing, story-telling and feasting. 
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