Although visiting Marrakech in December may involve packing a few items of warmer clothing for the evenings, the climate is by no means cold, at least not in the European sense. Despite the presence of the snow-capped Atlas mountains, temperatures range from a minimum 6 degrees at night to 19 during the afternoon and sunshine hours average a perfectly respectable 7 hours per day. 
Visiting Marrakech in December – Events and Festivals 
The month begins with Mawlid un Nabi, a festival marking the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. This is a day of prayer for Muslims combined with performances of the Prophet’s story through related poems and odes. 
This month also sees the staging of the renowned Marrakech International Film Festival, a long established event (scheduled to take place between the 2nd and 10th December) attended by national and international film makers including famous producers, directors and actors. (N. B. These dates could not be precisely confirmed at time of writing). Screens are set up in several places for free public viewings of films including the central ‘Place Jemaa el Fna’. 
Visiting Marrakech in December – Things to Do 
December, being one of the quieter months of the year in Marrakech, is a good time to admire some of the Ochre City’s less well-known attractions such as the captivating ‘Dead Tree Sculptures’ in the city’s commercial Guéliz district. Combining nature and artistry, these curious displays of tree art are counted among a number of unexpected artistic surprises that the city has to offer. 
Another interesting place to visit is Al Nour, a cooperative for female artisans with disabilities. Offering a range of outstanding, premium quality, home-made textiles and hand-embroidered clothing, Al Nour is the ideal place for buying souvenirs in support of a worthy social enterprise. 
Finally, while Christmas is, unsurprisingly, not celebrated by locals in Morocco itself, Al Fassia organises an evening of festivities, European style, for visitors on New Year’s Eve. 
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