ABOUT AL FASSIA Traditional architecture and magnificent views of the Atlas mountains  

Saida, Mariam, Myra and Abderrahim, 3 sisters and 1 brother. We are the Chab family. Having lived all our childhood in 5 star hotels all around Morocco, we commit ourselves to develop what has been started as one of the first Moroccan restaurant in the City center of Marrakech. Backed by the experience of both our father and mother, who created the first AL FASSIA Restaurant in Marrakech dedicated to women in the city center of Marrakech known as Guéliz,over 25 years ago, we wanted to complete our offer by proposing accommodation. 
The particularity of the AL FASSIA RESTAURANT is that it employs mainly women. The original idea at that time came from Mr Mohammed CHAB (our Father, a professional Hotelier) and our late Mother, Mrs Fatima CHAB who worked hard to train the women in the kitchen. The Woman is in charge in the house. the Guest is welcomed, greeted and served by women. AL Fassia translates to “The Woman from Fes”. Fes, the spiritual capital of Morocco, that is internationally known for its refined cuisine. It is a tribute to all Moroccan women that have thrived to master the Moroccan cuisine to satisfy their families and especially their husband. AL FASSIA is not only a Restaurant but also a 1st category boutique hotel offering accommodation for its guests. 
A refined cuisine and a warm welcome 
A service exclusively by women 
An ongoing training of staff 
Convinced by the complementarity between the environment and Human, at Al Fassia, we opt for durability. By training young women to knowledge management, cooking, and hosting. 
AL FASSIA has a permanent care for environmental issues and nature conservation: energy saving, the selective sorting of household waste, water treatment, green spaces. At Al Fassia, we aim to satisfy and gain the loyalty of our customers. We pride ourselves to represent the undoubted Moroccan Hospitality. 
It is the fourth largest city in Morocco. In addition to Fes, Rabat and Meknes, it is also one of the four imperial cities in the country. 
In the past, Marrakech used to be at the head of a colossal empire and gave its name to the whole country. The city is located near the Sahara desert and at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Marrakech counts about 900 000 inhabitants (2012 census) spread over an area of 230km2. The Pearl of the South is a city full of traditions and history which, for centuries, has known how to welcome visitors. 
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